Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Dollars for Scholars Program

As the founder and president of the Lantern Group, a New York-based housing provider, T. Eric Galloway is responsible for strategic direction and management of the organization. Also involved in philanthropy, T. Eric Galloway cofounded the Galvan Foundation, a grant-making organization focused on improving the quality of life for Hudson, New York, residents. The foundation has supported health and human services, historic preservation, community events, and educational efforts such as the Dollars for Scholars Program.

Dollars for Scholars is administered by Scholarship America, a nonprofit founded in 1958 that provides scholarships and educational support for students who wish to attend college. The largest organization of its kind, Scholarship America has provided over $3 billion to 2 million individuals through Dollars for Scholars and other programs.

A volunteer-based network of chapters around the country, Dollars for Scholars enables local communities to work toward education goals and raise funds with the support and established structure of the national organization. Moreover, local chapters have access to ChapterNet, a Web-based management technology that allows chapters to develop individual websites and scholarship management.

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